Kurumba Village Resort | India, Tamil Nadu, Nilgiris

The Kurumba Village Resort is a rare aromatic arena; far from spicing with mere words, we have established the fifteen self-sufficing cottages amidst a SPICE haven where nutmeg, cloves and pepper abound. These spice trees were originally introduced to the Nilgiris by the English. We have consciously enriched the a€œspice sanctuarya€ with other enchanting trees such as Jacaranda and Spathodia. We already have the uniquely interesting Jackfruit trees and the soaring and sturdy Rosewood trees. It is not for mere hyperbolical effect that we remember William Shakespearea€™s a€œnever, never landsa€ such as Arden and Illyria, or, the other exhilarating locales of A Midsummer Nighta€™s Dream. The invigoratingly clean air of the Kurumba Village Resort is to be breathed to be believed!

Teanest Property(Homestay)

Nilgiris Tamil Nadu India


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Kurumba Village Resort

Nilgiris Tamil Nadu India

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Nilgiris Tamil Nadu India